Who We Are

A line of Sauces inspired by my mom’s desire to provide her family with quality organic food. As children we would accompany her to the local farmers markets in search of the best produce and products dervived from it’s source, the farmers. This mindset has persisted throughout my upbringing and now I am proud to bring to you the healthiest & most flavorful Sauces.

Our Ingredients

Always Organic Spices are always used to procure the most flavorful Sauces. 

We create our Sauces with 100% Non-GMO Avocado Oil and never use seed oils.

Our Sauces are heart healthy with 0mg of Cholesterol

No dairy and no egg make our Sauces vegan.

We use Himayalan Salt to restore essential minerals to the body.

All Natural Sauces with no preservatives. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a natural preservative.

We strive to use the best products to create Sauces for your enjoyment and nourishment. 

Our Purpose

Give back to communities that have given us so much through providing kids with healthy meals. And create eating habits that will spark an upheaval and new concentration towards generational health.

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